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During the two years of the project, in cooperation with three partners – Panevėžys Business Advisory Center (Lithuania), Dobele Adult Education and Entrepreneurship Support Center (Latvia), Local Sustainable Development Fund “Innovation Regions” (Belarus) and experts, a program was developed for young farmers who dreams of green farming or cooking, but does not know where to start or just do not dare to take the first step. The training program consisted of three parts – types and certification of organic products, business planning, product sales. Under this training program, three groups of participants (a total of more than 180 existing and potential farmers) were trained in the territory of each partner. An international three-day creative workshop was organized in Latvia, which was attended by nine participants from each country who wanted to create new or improve existing product logos, stickers, packaging, labels, etc. Three cross-border co-operation events took place: study visits to farms and presentations of the products produced and grown by the participants. During the project, the unifying IT platform of Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus was created and developed. On the platform it is possible to download training materials, get acquainted with Latvian and neighboring growers, producers, their products, as well as everyone whose activities correspond to the project idea, is constantly invited to advertise on this platform.

Although a large number of international events had to be organized, modern means of communication, the innovation of the partners and the curiosity of the participants led to great results, useful contacts and great emotions. The closing conference, which took place on January 27, was also organized through the online program Zoom, but it was no less informative, interesting and exhaustive.